Our Negative Past

When it comes to self help and motivation we are often encouraged to think positively and to have a great attitude in life. Of course this strategy isRead more

The Importance of Collaboration

When you work within an organization, there is instant collaborative opportunities. A CEO can call a manager's meeting on the spot. A sales managerRead more

The Heart is Power

Most of us have bought into that famous expression 'knowledge is power' sometimes without even thinking if we truly believe it. I am sure knowledge isRead more

How I Overcome Procrastination

Any procrastinators out there? Or, do you want to wait before you put up your hand? I am convinced that procrastination is one of the biggest reasoRead more

How Living Like a Monk Helped Me

When I was 21 years old I had some truly life changing events. My father had recently passed away and my mother was suffering from life threatening caRead more

An Effective 60 Second Elevator Speech

More and more solo entrepreneurs today rely on attending various forms of networking events to build their businesses. In many cases, they have the opRead more

Leaving Human Relationships in the Dust

How many couples do you know that have what you would describe as a truly amazing relationship, so wonderful that when they walk in the room, people jRead more

The Importance of the Here and Now!

There have certainly been simpler times in the history of mankind. Oh, I know how advanced we have become scientifically and technologically and for tRead more

Mind Out of Control

There is an epidemic going on, my friends, and it's all about how our external world today is contributing to a growing number of hyperactive minds anRead more

Relationship Breakups?

In my coaching experience with couples, I have identified two type of scenarios, couples that should break up and others that should stay together.  Read more

For over 25 years, Allan Knight has dedicated his life to helping others transform their lives both professionally and personally.  Allan is a solo entrepreneur and self-help author, speaker and mentor. He teaches people how to Communicate with more Clarity, Confidence and Impact. He has also created a most unique and complete self management system called the Mind Fit for Success. His programs are practical, and results oriented that help you discover your greatness, achieve inner freedom and lead an extraordinary life!… Read More