A Knight Without Armor

Former Zen Monk shares his Wisdom and

Simple 9 step formula for Winning at Business & Life!

Do you find that no matter how many hours you work on your business, sacrificing time for family, loved ones, and‘fun’, that you still don’t seem to be getting anywhere?

How often do you wonder why other people just seem to ‘make it happen,’ have time to travel, vacation and ‘enjoy the good life?’

Does it seem that there was some ‘secret’ plan you missed out on for enjoying, winning, and succeeding in life, in business, and in relationships?

Well there is a ‘secret’ formula to end feeling insecure when you walk into a room full of strangers, or meet someone for the first time, or need to deliver a power presentation…

Attract genuine business and personal relationships
that will last for all the rest of your years

Could a former Zen Monk have figured out the formula for mastering your life
and condensed it into 9 simple steps?

I’ve got some ‘good news for you,’ there is an answer to that ‘every day’ sense of being overwhelmed and feeling that life and opportunity are just passing you by.

That answer can be found in 9 Steps to Winning at Business and Life as revealed in my new book, A Knight Without Armor.

I'm looking forward to helping you to take your life to a whole new level!

The key to life is connecting.

In business, ‘connecting’ means understanding others so that you can effortlessly explain what you offer from their point of view, making‘selling’ a thing of the past, because you are now on the same side of the table as your client.

In social settings, ‘connecting’ means finding and keeping true friends, who genuinely care for you, and you them, providing a life-long joyous relationship AND it means leaving behind those who would hold you back, due to their negativity and dysfunction.

In love, ‘connecting’ means finding the RIGHT one, and knowing it! It means not settling for someone just because that’s all we think we deserve.

"I first hired Allan Knight over 15 years ago and I can absolutely say that he played a significant role in me earning millions of dollars over the years. His personal coaching was so powerful that he became my go to coach for the staff I was in charge of with such companies as First Funds, Investors Group, Growth Experts and Grade Aid. Thanks to Allan I am an international Call Centre Expert travelling the world and grateful to be living such a wonderful life."

Greg Kular

Connecting is the secret behind ‘Attraction Marketing’

Are you still struggling with finding or implementing your vision, in a world where everyone is trying to sell you on theirs?

Are you tired of wasting money on motivational seminars that don’t deliver,and leave you feeling ‘bummed out’ a few days later?

Do you find it difficult attracting and sustaining quality relationships, yet know in your heart you have lots to offer?

Do you suffer from having a hyperactive mind that keeps you from staying focused and on track from achieving your goals,while watching less qualified people achieve more just because they can focus?

Do you want 3 sure fire ways to eliminate the fear that’s holding you back from being a more authentic, confident and effective communicator?

Are you ready to stop ‘faking it’ and really start ‘making it’ so you can take your rightful place in the world?

What this book is NOT:

This book is NOT a ‘New Age’, religious,  or ‘mystical’ training, it is a 100% pure practical plan for success in life, love and business.

This book is NOT another feel good ‘for the soul’ story. This book will take you on a journey and path that is simple, complete and results oriented.

This book is not a rah-rah motivation or simplistic “you can too” encouragement session. The 9 step formula focuses on practical techniques that you can use right now to create your life on YOUR terms.

This book is NOT a training manual for controlling others, instead, it’s a training method for REACHING others – and yourself. Can you imagine how powerful it is to be able to really ‘reach’ someone else? How that can help you negotiate a big deal ,or a new client, or a new partner in life?

This book is like no book you ever read before.

“I am astounded by the personal growth I have experienced working with Allan as a coach. Not only have I blasted through issues that were holding me back since childhood, but I have also learned to step into the light and allow myself to be seen, heard and even celebrated. The personal transformation that has taken place within me has been a deeply joyous blessing."

Celeste Avelin

You will be able to walk into a room full of people and understand those people like never before. No more unhappy family gatherings, no more wondering how to meet people, no more feeling like an outsider, no more wondering what the other person wants… or what you want either!

Not only that, your new ability to connect will make a profound impact on all those around you, making their lives much better in the process.

Can you imagine how easy succeeding at business is when you know the ‘real desires’ of your potential new client?

Can you imagine how easy succeeding with the opposite sex is when you understand their real feelings?

What about dealing with your kids, your parents, even your parents-in-law?

It took a cloistered Zen Monk to put this together, and boil it down to 9 simple steps that you can act on right away.

That’s why Allan’s method has been called Revolutionary in the Self Help Industry.

You owe it to your family, your loved ones, and anyone who depends on you to take action now and start reading A Knight Without Armor today!

Can one book help me with both personal relationships and business?

If you go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Chapters/Indigo, you’ll see all sorts of books on ‘fixing’ relationships, finding the perfect mate, and how to relate to people.

In another isle, you’ll find books that promise to teach you how to sell more, present your ideas, be more productive and effective, and make more money.

What all of these ‘self-help’ authors miss is the obvious common denominator in all the problems we face in life. That one missing link that, when corrected, allows you to see past the natural barriers that each of us have, and know the needs and desires of those around us, and that’s the skill of ‘connecting.’ And with Allan’s program that means connecting to yourself first!

"I have  have heard many motivational speakers and received tons of training and coaching. I can categorically say that none have been more effective than Allan Knight. His approach is simple, direct and highly effective. As a result of his coaching my businesses have soared and even more importantly I am extremely content in my personal and family life"

Rodney Appleton

What will you be able to accomplish by reading A Knight Without Armor?

  • Learn how to transform fear and insecurity into confidence by a simple internal shift
  • Leave the negative past behind and step forward into an authentic YOU to attract the right people into your life and watch those who would hold you back just fade away
  • Connect effectively and effortlessly with others without being nervous, doubtful or feeling like it’s just not you
  • Communicate with a magnetic personal presence that inspires and impacts, and watch your growth in popularity and respect
  • Master the skill of connecting, networking and presenting in the business world where how you come across to others is the most important factor for success
  • Attract genuine and long term beneficial business and personal relationships

There is just NO other book like this.

If you have had it up to here with dysfunctional or ‘hum drum’ relationships that are holding you down like a three ton anvil…

If you are ready to break through all obstacles that are stopping your ability to build a business that YOU are in charge of – and not a business that is in charge of you…

If you are ready to empower yourself and attract a long term quality relationship…

Then grab your copy of A Knight Without Armor today, and you can be on your way to living life as you know you should be living it!

I'm looking forward to helping you to take your life to a whole new level!

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