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Yes, that’s me on the right with my brother Larry. Growing up as his younger brother played a very significant role in my early years in that I often lived in his shadow. Not only did he become a doctor, but he was highly popular, was a great athlete and boy was he handsome. People would often compare us and as you can imagine I spent quite a number of years feeling shy, insecure and lacking in self confidence. By the way I couldn’t have had a better brother and now he is one of my best friends.

Because of my low self esteem I desperately sought out something I could sink my teeth into and prove my worth. I found it in the area of sports and if I do say so myself became quite a good baseball pitcher. I practiced for hours each day, and literally fell in love with the sport and relished the adulation I received from others. But other challenges surfaced like my father passing away when I was 19 and my mother being diagnosed with cancer and she too passed away when I was only 24. That is when my self development journey really began.

After two uninspiring years in university I decided to travel around the world. Six months into the trip I encountered a near death experience while lying on the Mediterranean desert alone having suffered a heat stroke. This traumatic experience evoked much fear in me and upon returning to my home town my spiritual exploration really began. One day I met two people who were living in a meditation center and I was so inspired by their calm, clear eyes and gentle demeanor I said to myself –“that’s what I want”. So began my 9 years living as a Zen monk.

I lived as a monk for 9 years and it was time to leave when I realized how much I missed relationships with the real world. The irony is that after learning to quiet my mind to a very deep level within a secluded environment, I actually became lost and confused upon returning to regular society. I quickly realized that unless you connect the Zen mindset into every aspect of your life the benefits of Zen practice would be limited. So I focused on living a more balanced lifestyle with a Zen attitude and through that, discovered my true calling which was to teach others how to achieve that as well, but much quicker than I did.

So, as a result of this life path I have been a Personal Development and Communication Coach for over 25 years. As a former Zen Monk I have been able to bring unique wisdom and skills into our chaotic world by connecting personal development and communication into a simple 9 step formula. My clients benefit by achieving a high level of inner calm, self confidence and communication mastery within 90 days.

I obtained a Masters degree in Education from McGill University in Montreal where my thesis was all about ‘mastering the relationships we have with others by mastering the relationship we have with ourselves’. I am also the author of a book called Mind Gone Wild – finding freedom within the chaos and A Knight Without Armor – 9 step formula for relationship success at work and life. I am also the creator of the Zen Zone Mindset Training, Communication Mastery for Entrepreneurs and the Soulmate Revolution.


Celeste Avelin

“I am astounded by the personal growth I have experienced working with Allan as a coach. Not only have I blasted through issues that were holding me back since childhood, but I have also learned to step into the light and allow myself to be seen, heard and even celebrated. The personal transformation that has taken place within me has been a deeply joyous blessing."

Celeste Avelin


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