Ultimate Performance in Business, Sport and Life

Former Zen Monk Shares His Unique, Practical and Powerful 

Formula to Achieve Your Personal Best

Are you sick and tired of not achieving a high level of excellence

in your sport or in your business?

Are you fed up at seeing others pass you by even though

you know down deep that you have what it takes?

Do you feel frustrated knowing what holds you back is not due to skill

but rather ‘mastering the inner game’?

The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions and everyone agrees that MINDSET is a major reason for their success. Beyond the team's physical skill and talent level there is a remarkably focused mental commitment.

The real difference can be seen in this season's record breaking winning streaks and the 'Zen like' demeanor that is exhibited by the entire team as they roll over their competition game after game.

What You're Missing is that Zen Like Focus

The reality is that be it in sports or in life you are subject to an enormous number of distractions. You may think that blocking out the noise out would be extremely challenging and almost impossible to achieve.

But there is a way for you to learn HOW do eliminate these distractions mentally while your competition is still fighting on the 'physical level'. 

Why can I teach you these same championship winning techniques that no other 'life coach' offers?

Like you, I have 'skin in the game' - in my case, I had a near death experience. That motivated me to change the course of my life drastically. I left behind my goal of becoming a pitcher for the Montreal Expos and I became a Zen Monk for 9 years.

That decision saved my life but it also provided me with techniques and a 'blueprint' that I can share with athletes like you to become the self-mastered, happy and successful winner you were destined to be.

Are you ready now to discover
how to access deeper and deeper levels of that Zen Zone Mindset 
that will put you in the top of your league? 

If you have the skills, and you know the 'game' but are still not taking home GOLD then what you are missing is what I alone can offer you: the Zen Zone Mindset Program. This 9 step program will not only dramatically impact your success in business, sport and your relationships, but will also provide you with a self-correcting system for life.

How Would you Like to:

  • Develop the Confidence to Achieve Peak Athletic and Business Performance?
  • Strengthen Your Level of Determination and Mental Toughness?
  • Stay Focused and Disciplined Despite the Distractions?
  • Access the Zen Zone and Maintain that Equanimity in Every Area of Your Life?
  • Transform Fears and Anxieties into Inner Freedom, Self Confidence and Personal Magnetism?

Have that Extra Edge that Sets You Apart from Your Competition?

If you are highly motivated and committed to attaining the true level of success then this 1-1 Zen Zone Intensive is for you.

During this 30 minute complimentary assessment Allan will help you clarify exactly what is holding you from achieving your goals and aspirations. He will also outline the simple step by step strategies for transforming your performance within 60 days. You will learn how to let go self limiting beliefs, how to get on track and stay on track, cultivate the Zen Zone Winning Mindset and achieve the kind of success you’ve always dreamed of!

This no obligation opportunity is designed for athletes who are FED UP with mediocre results and are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed.

After all, you're not a competitor to reach second best, are you?

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