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A practical approach to personal and social mastery

Allan’s approach is practical and results oriented. If you have found that reading self help books and attending motivational seminars have not been enough, you will find this approach very refreshing.

With Allan’s Guidance You Will:

  • Calm your mind within this chaotic world
  • Find your vision and true purpose
  • Overcome shyness and social anxiety
  • Strengthen your inner self confidence
  • Present yourself with boldness and impact
  • Attract incredible relationships into your life
  • Make your mark in the world

The Purpose:

The purpose of the KNIGHTLIFE program is to help you attract deep, heart centred and successful relationships in business and personal life. The goal is to provide you with a complete, practical and comprehensive set of tools to speed up your ability to enjoy the quality of communication you’ve always dreamed of having with others.

Is the Program for you?

  • Are you overly shy?
  • Does insecurity hold you back from experiencing relationship success?
  • Does worry, fear and anxiety rob you of ongoing happiness?
  • Do you lack the boldness to communicate with clarity, confidence and impact?
  • Do you suffer from social anxiety?

Are you looking to…

  • Be more assertive
  • Be a better listener
  • Perfect your speaking skills
  • Meet anyone, anywhere at anytime
  • Be more effective at networking
  • Be a Master Dater
  • Attract your Soulmate
  • Increase your Sales Performance

If your response is ‘yes’ to some or all of these, this program may be exactly what you’re looking for!

What is unique about this program?

This program is much more than life coaching or inspirational experiences. If you wish to get into top physical shape, you don’t read books or attend rah rah seminars. More likely you would get onto a very practical exercise regime to see results.

In the same way the KNIGHTLIFE program is an inner fitness and social mastery program kin to getting into the inner gymnasium for an inner and verbal workout. Not only will you fast track your personal growth, but you will then have a self coaching system for life.

What are the 9 steps?

  1. Connecting with your Present – Assessing your strengths and weaknesses in order to identify your current life condition.
  2. Connecting with your Past – Letting go the negative past by first forgiving others that you still hold resentment and grudges toward and the forgiving yourself, for being so hard on you all these years.
  3. Connecting with your Vision – Getting crystal clear on who you are and the type of life you wish to live. It’s about creating an Impact Vision Board.
  4. Connecting with your Inner Power – This is all about unleashing and strengthening your inner core. It’s transforming negative beliefs, channelling negative emotions into passion, love and self confidence as well as learning to tap into your inner Zen Zone.
  5. Connecting to your Actions – This step is all about taking charge of your life by using a personal accountability system, prioritizing exercises and access to a success partner.
  6. Connecting to your Challenges – This is about busting through the obstacles, challenges and scud missiles of life. It’s about learning to quickly pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get back in the Zone – turning lemons into lemonade.
  7. Connecting with your Magnetism – This step Is about tapping into your true power to manifest. It’s all about enjoying a state of grace, harmony and synchronicity and achieving an ongoing state of inner freedom and ability to attract what you want out of life.
  8. Connecting with Others – This stage is about learning to communicate with clarity, confidence and impact in your professional and personal life. This includes your ability to present, listen, network, date and attract high quality, heart centred relationships.
  9. Connecting with your Legacy – This step is about creating a Knights of the Round Table Legacy Circle, for the purpose of sharing and supporting each other to leave our mark in the world.

Are you tired of mediocrity in your communication and relationships?

Well, if you resonate with our coaching philosophy and approach simply click below and set up a complimentary 1-1 session with Allan to see if there is a fit…


It can change your life forever….

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