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    Writing Your Book is No Longer a Dream

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-  Are You Disappointed That Have Never Written Your Book?
-  Do You Feel Overwhelmed At The Daunting Task?
-  How Would You Feel If You Didn’t Have To Do It Alone?

Hi I’m Allan Knight. For over 25 years I have been coaching and training people with a program called Zen Zone Mindset -the key to successful relationships. My foundational book with the same name is the first of a series books I will do in collaboration with coaches, speakers and experts. These books will represent a wide variety of topics in the areas of professional and personal development. You and I will choose the theme that is your specific passion and focus and so the first half of the book will be about that theme. The  second half of the book will be about the practical application that is the Zen Zone Mindset.


The concept is similar to how themes were created by Chicken Soup for the Soul. Lets say for example you want to write a book about dysfunctional relationships. Well now you have an opportunity to collaborate on doing a book called Zen Zone Mindset – overcoming dysfunctional relationships. Not only would we collaborate on a book but we will have the additional opportunity of doing a training program around that topic as well.

Here is how you will benefit:

You will be collaborating with the Zen Zone Mindset brand.

You will share equally in all profits from everything we collaborate on.

You will have equal input on all content and graphics used in this collaboration

You will be featured as part of the faculty at KIN Academy

You will benefit from cross promotion opportunities among all of our experts

If you are interested in learning more about this once in a lifetime collaboration feel free to schedule a meeting with me to see if there is a fit. We look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of working together toward making a profound impact in the world in the world…



It can change your life forever….

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