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Welcome you to our website. 

If you are ready to dramatically transform your business or personal relationships, I may be the coach for you. I will provide you with some of the most practical and powerful coaching and training tools in the industry today. 

You can do this by either reading my new book A Knight without Armor, registering for the 8 part webinar or request a 1-1 assessment and evaluation to see if personal coaching is a fit for you.  I very much look forward to working with you!

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Discover the missing link for true Success in 
your Business and Personal Relationships 

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The fact that you are checking this program out, most likely means that you are somewhat dissatisfied with your current level of success, and want more out of life. It may be to increase business, build your self confidence or attract an amazing relationship.

The good news is that you can fast track all of these things, but it does take some work. It requires the right mindset, strong determination as well as accessing some simple yet effective communication skills. You may have read self help books and attended rah-rah seminars and however helpful those might have been, something is still holding you back. Our 9 step Present Yourself with Impact training program focuses more on true personal transformation, action and results. Taking this program will not only jump start your life and business, but will help you to maintain that success long term.

  • Are you an entrepreneur or in a home based business and feel that something is still holding you back? 
  • Do you have trouble attracting quality relationships?
  • Have reading books and attending a lot of seminars not been enough?

If you are watching this video, I would love to help you achieve all these benefits in a short few months. Why not discover for yourself a truly unique and powerful way to achieve more happiness and success in your life. I very much look forward to working with you assisting you in any way I can toward becoming a more masterful communicator from the inside out. Make sure you opt in for the Free Training Video below! 

My Training may be your answer! 
You are about to discover the secret for empowering your 
business and personal relationships

Hello my name is Allan Knight, From the time I was a teenager I went from being an athlete, to living as a monk to being a Communication Coach. Through it all I realized that communication skills would be one of the most important assets we can have, in order to achieve success in every area of our lives. I also realized that many of us don’t do it all that well. I always wondered why our formal school systems never actually taught these basic skills.

Aside from sleeping we spend most of our time with other people. So the question we should be asking ourselves is, how effectively are we actually communicating day to day? With over 10 years experience in sales, a Master’s degree in Education and with over 20 years as a Communication and Personal Development Coach, I was able to create something unique and powerful in the area of training and coaching. I have created a unique and highly effective 9 step program called Knight Talk Training. 

The Present yourself with Impact training system will help you: 

  • Unleash your ability to be Authentic, Passionate and Bold  
  • Attract the most Amazing People and Relationships into your Life 
  • Present yourself with Assertiveness, Effectiveness and Impact 
  • Be a Powerful Public Speaker Master the Art of Leadership, Networking and Relationship Selling 
  • Increase Productivity by Inspiring Others to Take Action    

This program has been the key for many people around the world who were looking for a fresh approach to empowering themselves both in their business and personal relationships.

What's Holding You Back?
  • Lack of personal vision, motivation or confidence?
  •  Poor time management skills?
  • An elevator speech that sucks?
  •  Lack of networking & public speaking skills?
  •  Ineffective marketing strategies? Poor closing skills?
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released book!

Purchase A Knight without Armor By Allan Knight. Better yet, find our What's holding you back from achieving success in your personal and business relationships in a 90 min coaching session with Allan and he will gift you the book for FREE.  

Personal 1 on 1 Coaching 
with Allan

Personal coaching with Allan can be accessed over the phone, via skype or in person in Vancouver Canada. 

The program begins with a complimentary assessment and evaluation helping us to clarify what may be holding you back, and which program is best suited for you.

You will benefit first hand from Allan's wisdom and direct approach. These sessions are less about counselling and more about giving you clarity, practical solutions and RESULTS

All sessions are 100% confidential. These sessions work best for people who are highly motivated to achieve the highest levels of self mastery, effective communication and success.

Discover the missing link for true Success in 
your Business and Personal Relationships 
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Free training video

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