Former Zen Monk turned Communication Coach

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Book Release

Allan Knight is the author of Mind Gone Wild, his first in a series of non-fiction self help books.

Allan has a Master’s Degree in Education from McGill University and has coached and trained thousands of individuals across North America for over 25 years.

As a former zen monk Allan is able to help us navigate through our chaotic and busy world. His simple yet powerful 9 step formula teaches us how to calm our minds, connect with more confidence and communicate with greater mastery...

Sample Chapter

This only corroborates one of my strongest core beliefs which is that rational mind, our analytical mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

Our minds have truly gone wild. I feel that as a society we have given much too much glory to our wily minds. Formal education, creative thinking and gathering important knowledge is necessary, but hyperactive and negative thinking can be a killer.

If you’re studying to be a doctor, lawyer or scientist then knowledge may well be power. But, when it comes to our day to day interpersonal relationships I would suggest that such things as compassion, patience, love, presence of mind and humor among other things have the most impact....