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Allan will woo your audience with his passion, personality and wisdom. His powerful message is all about living an extraordinary life by first and foremost achieving inner freedom and self mastery.

Canada’s Most Well Known
Former Zen Monk

Allan Knight is a former Zen Monk turned Communication Coach. He has a Masters Degree in Education from McGill University and has over 25 years of experience helping people to empower their communication skills from the inside out. 


  1. How political correctness may be sabotaging your authenticity
  2. How to achieve inner freedom within our chaotic world
  3. How to transform shyness and insecurity into self confi­dence
  4. The importance of balancing technol­ogy with social skills
  5. How to attract amazing relationships from the inside out


  1. Tell us about your background living as a Zen Monk.
  2. What is the #1 thing that holds most people back in their lives?
  3. Tell us more about the unique 9 step formula you have created.
  4. What are the top 3 benefits people get from taking your program?
  5. What’s one important tip that you can leave our audience with today?

Author and Speaker

Allan is also the author of Mind Gone Wild – finding freedom within the chaos.

"One of things I have discovered is that the rational mind, our thinking analytical mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

As a society I feel that we have given it much too much attention and adulation and social media has only exacerbated that trend. Unfortunately the result is that we have an anxiety filled society where our overly busy and hyperactive minds have truly gone wild.

If you’re studying to be a doctor, lawyer or scientist then knowledge may well be power. But, when it comes to our day to day human connections and interactions I would suggest that such things as confidence, love, patience, attentiveness and having a sense of humor among other human qualities have the most impact. This is where the heart is power, not the mind…"

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