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“Celeste Avelin”


“I am astounded by the personal growth I have experienced working with Allan as a coach. Not only have I blasted through issues that were holding me back since childhood, but I have also learned to step into the light and allow myself to be seen, heard and even celebrated. The personal transformation that has taken place within me has been a deeply joyous blessing."

Celeste Avelin

“Nitin Yyagi”


"Allan's coaching sessions were exactly what I needed to focus on in order to achieve the important goals in my life. Allan's expertise and effectiveness as a Communication Coach was clearly evident in every interaction that I've had with him. His motto of empowering ourselves being a foundation of all of our relationships is the one that I found most useful. It is amazing what a change in mindset has brought to my life and I would recommend Allan's program to anyone who wants to be more confident, bold and effective as a communicator."

Nitin Yyagi

“Joanne Hollander”


“My experience being coached by Allan has been one of the most worthwhile and rewarding challenges in my life to date. He has this rare ability to help you reach deeply into your own inner resources, allowing you to spring forward with wisdom and confidence. I will always treasure my time with him. Thank you Allan."

Joanne Hollander

“Rodney Appleton”


"I have heard many motivational speakers and received tons of training and coaching. I can categorically say that none have been more effective than Allan Knight. His approach is simple, direct and highly effective. As a result of his coaching my businesses have soared and even more importantly I am extremely content in my personal and family life"

Rodney Appleton

“Michelle Pereira”


"Allan Knight is an amazing coach and mentor. I feel better every time I speak with him. His energy, passion and enthusiasm are infectious. More importantly, his wisdom is profound and his teaching methods are practical and effective. He has not only helped me get through some tough times in my life but has significantly contributed to my bookkeeping business. I have also recommended Allan to many of clients who have experienced record sales after hiring him. I highly recommend Allan's program to anyone who is serious about taking their life and business to the next level!"

Michelle Pereira

“Kel Good”


“The most valuable thing I gained from working with Allan was the importance of cultivating my relationship with myself first - what Allan calls your inner soulmate. It was only as I began to obtain inner peace that I was able to effectively pursue relationships outside myself with the ease I had always desired."

Kel Good

“Miranda Mae”


“I'm incredibly thankful to have Allan Knight as my personal coach. His wisdom has given me much clarity over the years. No matter where you are in the world, his pure words will touch your heart and fuel your mind. As a result of his coaching I now have the confidence to carve out my own path in life in a most effective way. I am very grateful!”

Miranda Mae

“Greg Kular”


"I first hired Allan Knight over 15 years ago and I can absolutely say that he played a significant role in me earning millions of dollars over the years. His personal coaching was so powerful that he became my go to coach for the staff I was in charge of with such companies as First Funds, Investors Group, Growth Experts and Grade Aid. Thanks to Allan I am an international Call Centre Expert travelling the world and grateful to be living such a wonderful life."

Greg Kular

“Lynn Goodacre”


"Allan had been recommended to me by a friend when I was feeling stuck in my life. Boy am I happy they did! His program helped me to get out of my own way! As a direct result of working with Allan I have achieved a lot more success both personally and professionally. Overall, I have a much better quality life. I would recommend Allan to anyone who is truly ready to do the inner work required to live their dreams"

Lynn Goodacre

“Charles Sperling”


"I came to the point that books and rah rah seminars were just not helping, in fact I felt like I was wasting time and money. I went through Allan Knight's training and learned what the missing link was. I learned to take the knowledge I had and put it into action. I learned to master myself and communicate more effectively with others. Thanks to Allan, I no longer have to worry about getting a job. Not only is my business thriving but I am a better person as a result."

Charles Sperling


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