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Discover How to Turn Fear and Insecurity into Unshakable Confidence and 
Command the Respect You Deserve

 Would you like to be more assertive when asking for the sale?

 Would you like to turn fear and stress into monk-like inner freedom?

 Are you fed up with being too shy and are now ready to attract amazing relationships?

 Do you want to transform being too self-critical into having true personal power?

 Would you like to have more impact and success while interviewing for a job?
Are you ready to move from mediocrity to extraordinary?

How would you like to?

Is This You?

With Allan’s Guidance You Will:

  Calm your busy and hyperactive mind

  Overcome your stress, worries and anxieties
  Accept, love and respect yourself
  Strengthen your self confidence and belief in yourself
  Overcome shyness and social anxiety
  Attract incredible and life-changing relationships
  Communicate with authenticity, boldness and impact
  Improve and enhance your intimate relationships
  Live every day with freedom, joy and a zest for life

You Will Achieve:

 INNER FREEDOM – By tapping into the Zen Zone you will achieve a deep level of contentment, access intuitive wisdom, and learn to respond rather than react towards others. 
INFLUENCE –  Become a better leader to inspire and empower others to take action. Become more effective in setting up strategic alliances in business as well as attract more fulfilling personal relationships.
 IMPACT – Be able to fulfill a life-long dream of making your mark in the world.   Eliminate self-doubt as you expand your reach using all of your gifts and talents to impact the world. 
It is your time to shine!


What's holding you back from living an extraordinary life?

As a former Zen Monk, Allan Knight has infused Eastern philosophical wisdom into a practical 9-step formula.  The Zen Zone Mindset is a guide to self mastery that provides tools and techniques you can use right now to achieve a calm mind, self-confidence and heart-centered relationships.

Access Allan's Wisdom

This powerful 30 minute session is designed for people who are fed up with mediocrity, have a strong desire to improve themselves and want to see if Allan’s coaching style is the right fit for them.

Allan is looking forward to helping you take your business and life to a whole new level!

Calm your mind and achieve true inner freedom
 Transform your fears, depression and insecurities into joy and authentic self confidence
Release your personal magnetism to attract, connect and impact others
 Master your networking, speaking and communication skills
 Create the unique identity and personality you want to present to the world
 Take charge of your life with purpose, passion and a never-say-die attitude
Have a zen-like focus to get on-track and stay on-track


What Is Unique About the Zen Zone Mindset Program?

Zen Zone Mindset is much more than traditional counselling and therapy and more transformational than merely reading books or attending rah-rah seminars. If you want to get into top physical shape, you actually get into the gym and do a workout program. Similarly, Zen Zone Mindset is an inner fitness and communication mastery program that will not only empower your personal growth but also be a self-coaching system for life. The program is all about helping you to attract more heart-centered relationships in both your business and personal life.

What's holding you back in your
professional and personal life? 
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If you resonate with our coaching philosophy and approach simply click below and set up a complimentary 1-1 session with Allan to see if there is a fit…

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Elaine McClelland with Allan Knight

Are You Ready to Get In The Zone?


► Eight (8) 1-1 coaching sessions with Allan Knight
Zen Zone Mindset workbook
► Access to Allan Knight via Zoom, phone & email
► BONUS Mind Gone Wild audio book
► BONUS access to private Facebook group
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Success Stories

"Allan Knight is an amazing coach and mentor. I feel better every time I speak with him. His energy, passion and enthusiasm are infectious. More importantly, his wisdom is profound and his teaching methods are practical and effective. He has not only helped me get through some tough times in my life but has significantly contributed to my bookkeeping business. I have also recommended Allan to many of my clients who have experienced record sales after hiring him. I highly recommend Allan's program to anyone who is serious about taking their life and business to the next level!"
Michelle Pereir
"Allan's coaching sessions were exactly what I needed to focus on in order to achieve the important goals in my life. Allan's expertise and effectiveness as a Communication Coach was clearly evident in every interaction that I've had with him. His motto of empowering ourselves being a foundation of all of our relationships is the one that I found most useful. It is amazing what a change in mindset has brought to my life and I would recommend Allan's program to anyone who wants to be more confident, bold and effective as a communicator."
Nitin Yyagi
"Allan had been recommended to me by a friend when I was feeling stuck in my life. Boy am I happy they did! His program helped me to get out of my own way! As a direct result of working with Allan I have achieved a lot more success both personally and professionally. Overall, I have a much better quality life. I would recommend Allan to anyone who is truly ready to do the inner work required to live their dreams"
Lynn Goodacre