Mind Gone Wild: Finding Freedom Within The Chaos

This book is a must-read for anyone who is overwhelmed, stressed out and tired of not being in charge of their lives.

It is also for those who lack the confidence in themselves and in their abilities to connect effectively with others both in their business and personal relationships. 

It is primarily a how-to book, which teaches us a simple yet powerful 9-step formula to help clear our minds, connect to others with more confidence and communicate with greater effectiveness and mastery.

Soulmate Revolution: Finding All Your Soulmates, Including the One

The time has come for a Soulmate Revolution!

With all the uncertainty and confusion in the world, never has it been more important for people to connect with each other in a meaningful and deep way. 

Yes, we have many soulmates, friend soulmates, business soulmates, family soulmates and also the one that keeps people up at night, the romantic soulmate.

Allan has figured out over the years that in order to attract such quality relationships into your life, it must begin with your own inner soulmate, the relationship you have with yourself. 

Reading this book will help you attract more joy, meaning and deeper connections than you can ever imagine, and yes, even The One.


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Zen Zone Mindset Course

Zen Zone Mindset is an inner fitness and communication mastery program that will not only empower your personal growth but also be a self coaching system for life.

The program is all about helping you to attract more heart-centered relationships both in your business and personal life.

Determine if Becoming a Zen Zone Mindset Certfied Coach Is Right For You. 

Zen Zone Mindset Certified Coaching

The Zen Zone Mindset Certification program provides you with an effective way to quickly become the leader you've always dreamed of being.

You will have a powerful opportunity to become a coach within a few months, helping people transform their lives with a tried-and-proven system to achieve inner freedom, self confidence and communication benefits.